Surviving Winter In The Middle Ages – Man Spends 8 Months Living Alone In 10th Century Conditions

If you were put to the challenge stated below in this article, would you be able to do it? What skills do you think you would need to have, learn or sharpen before living like a 10th century farmer? Well this is what happened to a young Russian man when he was selected to be the protagonist of a show in which he must live for months at a time like a farmer from the past.

In 2013, a medieval re-enactment group set out to see what it would be like to survive a cold Russian winter in the Middle Ages. In an experiment launched in Khotkovo, 60 kilometers northeast of Moscow, they selected one of their members, Pavel Sapozhnikov, to live on a farmstead for eight months as part of a project entitled – Alone in the Past.

The idea was to see if a modern person can survive in a 10th-century environment with no access to electricity, the Internet, or other modern comforts to trace the social and psychological changes in personality and learn how important the support of others is to modern humans.

Winter was the season of choice because of the scarcity of resources and the number of challenges it raises against survival. Winter was a frightening time for many people and the most dangerous time in the medieval calendar. Pavel is a citizen of the modern world with no prior experience of living in such conditions. However, to prepare himself, he studied a lot of information and practiced ancient skills. The essence, according to Pavel, was to live on the replica of an ancient farm, devoid of any modern conveniences or communication.

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