How Do Billionaires Protect Themselves Against Kidnapping And Assassination?

The question came up on Quora:

I love Elon! I can’t help asking, “Is it really enough to have a couple of security guards to prevent Russia from killing a crazy American entrepreneur&physicist&engineer who is an inspiration and a hope for America?” Maybe I just don’t know enough about government secret services. I’m curious anyway.


The average billionaire is going to have a security team and take extra precautions when in un-safe or non-public areas.
For example here’s Bill Gates’ security:
Or even better Warren Buffet’s security:
Most billionaires who are high level or have amassed billions on billions of dollars tend to have security with them semi-regularly. Especially when out in public or when they are transit to and from their destinations. Let it be noted though that in their ‘natural habitat’ be in Silicon Valley or their work they don’t normally roll with security. I think this is more about their comfort level being surrounded people who work for them.
Specifically regarding Elon Musk, I haven’t found any images or articles specifically about it, which may be a good thing rather than a bad thing. If I were the billionaire in question I wouldn’t want pictures of my security teams out and in about on the interwebs if I could stop it. The worst thing an enemy can have is information.
I’d take one or two of these:

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