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How Not To Suck At Winter Camping

nutnfancy – It is romantic in thought but winter camping holds some cold realities for the unprepared. Put on a backpack. hike in, and enjoy a warm night by the campfire right? Probably not if you’re unprepared. Most likely the participant will get cold, wet, hungry and quickly lose the motivation to be in this harsh environment. The reason you have solitude up there and no one’s around is because it IS difficult and UN-fun for most people. Winter backpacking is a specialized skill set and this video aims to give you a headstart in the process. Much of this advice has been shown through extensive winter adventures here in TNP but is distilled down to the basics here. Drawing upon decades of snow backpacking and camping Allie and I discuss shelter choices [bring a damn tent!], survival craft, winter snow tools, avalanche danger and preparation, snowshoeing decisions, trekking poles, backpacks, sleeping bags, Thermorest and other sleeping pads, winter gloves, knives/axes, taking your dog and preparing them for the cold and rugged conditions, firecraft in the snow, calorie intake and food choices, daylight management, keeping up your morale and staying busy, survival signaling (Spot Messenger, Sat phones, mirrors, strobes), traveling smart and a lot more. This advice focuses on the more difficult and SAWC limited man portable systems but plays in all types of snow and winter camping. Another touchstone wilderness gear system video from TNP./////////////////////////////////For dog trekking gear go to and use code nutnfancy


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