Henry Pump Action Octagon! Rapid Fire Rimfire Rifle

TWANGnBANG – The Henry Pump Action Octagon is a rimfire rifle that embodies the nostalgia of old timey shooting galleries. The classic Henry octagonal barrel is chambered for either 22 long rifle or the potent 22 magnum, giving the tubular magazine a capacity of 15 rounds or 12 rounds, respectively.

The blued 19 and three quarters inch heavy barrel is topped with a fully adjustable Marbles semi-buckhorn rear sight and bright brass bead front. The receiver is grooved for the addition of scope rings to help hunters old and new bag those squirrels that just won’t come in to your calling.

The stock set is made from American walnut without a single flaw in the grain or finish. Deep grooves in the forend provide traction, while generous radiusing ensures a comfortable grip.

The trigger is grooved to provide a good press with or without gloves, and it breaks cleanly at right over 3 pounds. The action release button sits just in front of the trigger guard, keeping it out of the way without requiring you to shift your grip to actuate it.

As with all Henry rifles, the 6 pound pump action Octagon is made entirely in the US and comes with a generous lifetime warranty.

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