$40 Bug Out Gun, Survival Rifle? – My Bush Gun Build

Coyote Works – $40 Bug Out Gun, Survival Gun? – My Bush Gun Build-

For a while I’ve been wanting to build a bug out rifle, survival rifle, or just all around bush gun. Without spending a lot of money, I wanted a survival gun that was light, compact, and versatile. For me a bush gun, bugout gun, or survival rifle needs to be capable of taking a variety of game animals both large and small. That means a caliber that has a wide variety of rounds.

I chose a 12ga shotgun for this project because of the variety of ammunition available. Slugs for large game, buckshot for medium game and personal defense, and lighter bird shot for small game. I also plan on getting some of those caliber adapters like the Short Lane adapters so I can also shoot .22 ammo through it.

While my main purpose for this build is a general bush gun… As a bug out rifle or survival rifle it could also work very well. It is a bombproof firearm that is the ultimate in simplicity, reliability, and durability. If SHTF and I did end up bugging out to the desert with my EDLS pack, this gun would make a fine companion. I feel pretty confident that 75 rounds of a few different types os 12ga ammo could feasibly feed me for 6 months or more. A deer every 30 days or so, supplemented by a variety of smaller rabbits, birds, etc. could provide a protein base for a sustainable diet.

But mostly what I’ll use this fun for will be carrying with me in the desert on my trips. It’s light, it will fit in a pack easily, and I can accomplish a lot with 10-15 rounds of ammo I’ll typically carry. It’s just another fun firearm to shoot that I only have $40 into. So I won’t mind beating it up and exposing it to the elements.

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