Solar Oven Review: Free Cooking Energy that Works

nutnfancy – We give the Sun Oven a second chance. Previously I wasn’t sold. Taking it out into the desert and in previous winter conditions its heating capabilities were suspect. But then I opened my mind and learned. First this is a low powered solar appliance; don’t expect it to perform like your house oven. However IT WILL perform and you’ll soon learn you can cook lots of things at 350ºF. Keep the glass clean, keep it angled into direct sunlight, cook from 11AM to 3PM if you can, and use the black steel enameled cookware. Preheating the pots helps preserve heat. Here we cook scrumptious Lemon Bars. You’ll see Mrs Nutnfancy and Allie as my helpers. With racks, the Sun Oven will dehydrate and dry out meats and fruits; just angle the oven to achieve the desired temp. Downsides of the oven are discussed but overall it is worth the money. You should store emergency fuel but the Sun Oven is a great backup. And best of all it’s free energy…and the results can be excellent.

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