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US Army Survival Training Video: The Psychology of Survival | Part 1

Chris Butler – ASP Presents: US Army Survival Training Video, 3 Part Series

The Psychology of Survival, Part 1.
This US Army video focuses on the psychology of surviving behind enemy lines. When in this type of situation, the means of survival depends on the individual and their willingness to stay alive. Without the individual’s determination to survive, that person will not last and will eventually die. The individual’s desire to survive can overcome the discomforts and the fear of the most difficult conditions. Psychological defeat can kill an individual long before the person’s body succumbs to the elements.

On top of the individual’s willingness to survive, other elements play an important role to their survival. These elements are water, food, shelter, and injury.

The 8 enemies of survival:
1) Pain
2) Thirst
3) Hunger
4) Fatigue
5) Heat
6) Cold
7) Boredom
8) Loneliness


S = size up your situation
U = undue haste makes waste
R = remember where you are
V = vanquish fear and panic
I = improvise
V = value living
A = act like the natives
L = learn basic skills

Your will to live could mean the difference between life and death.

This video falls under the Public Domain:
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