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Top 10+ Survival Washing Machines

People like to store food, buy guns, and ammo… That is fine and it is good that they consider these things. How about laundry? It isn’t exciting, until you have to wear dirty clothes for more than a day or so. Trust me, I have been there. Here are several affordable choices for Survival Washing Machines, brought to you by AllAboutPreppers. Enjoy!


Prepping doesn’t have to be a desperate survival situation where all comfort is abandoned in favor of survival. In fact, isn’t prepping really about assuring survival with the least amount of fear, and anxiety, and discomfort ? I mean, is it wrong for a prepper to have ten different ways to start a fire ? Or to purify water ?

So, why not have a convenient way to wash clothes in a long term SHTF situation ? There are plenty of DIY ideas for washing clothes in SHTF scenario. In a temporary situation, most folks can cope with dirty clothes for awhile; most campers, and backpackers can attest to that. But, what happens if you are faced with months of SHTF, or even years ?

Even if you are lucky enough to have plenty of water, such as a nearby river, or lake, etc, their usefulness, when it comes to washing clothes, is limited for several reasons, including whether the water is clean, or flowing, or drinkable, or mudddy, and, you wouldn’t want to pollute your water source. Besides, you will shorten the life of your clothes, and clothes are an important part of survival.

I’ve seen DIY washing machines, and they are fine, and simple, and very do-able. I think anyone could fashion some sort of device to help keep clothing, and such, a little cleaner. And remember, it may be important to conserve water usage.

Some of the portable washing machines described, below, are hand-operated units, while others do require electrical power, though not as much as a full size washer. My needs would be satisfied with a smaller, hand-cranked washer, while a family with kids would need more.


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Here are the many options available…

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