Knife Grave Yard Fails: You Won’t Believe Our Results

nutnfancy – On a whim I had whacked a Cold Steel Chaos Trench knife against shale in the desert. Of course conspiracies arose and some were pissed. I maintained it is a fascinating test, albeit of limited direct application in use, for the knife steel. In the process the knife is ruined or gets a lot beat up. The desert called again. I had the wild idea of proving that any quality knife should withstand my shale test aka “The Knife Graveyard.” PFIDude and I get it going on the rocks. Find out some shocking truths about knives or bayonets you may already own or love. Tested: Cold Steel San Mai III Tanto (!), Cold Steel Chaos (again, the replacement blade…wth?!, Bulgarian Circle 10 Bayonet, Ontario RAT 7, KaBar Utility, Buck Nighthawk. Oh so fun…and revealing.


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