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Forget Camper Vans – Meet the 18-Ton Camper Tank!

It has been called a “mobile home for global cruises.” I’d like to live in this Action Mobil Global XRS 7200!

Video below:

DailyMail has more…

The RV for the end of the world: 18-tonne, $890,000 vehicle that looks ideal for people who like holidaying outdoors – in a warzone

  • Massive camper van painted in military green and described by Austrian makers as a ‘motorhome for global cruises’
  • ‘Action Mobil Global XRS 7200’ costs holidaymakers £585,000 and comes complete with a 720-horsepower engine
  • Interior features  23 sq ft of living space, satellite TV, a washer and dryer, and a lift at the back to carry a motorbike 

Painted in military green, weighing in at 18-tonnes and fitted with a giant set of wheels, this supersized camper van would not look out of place in a warzone.

The massive vehicle, produced in Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria, has a 720-horsepower engine and comes with a £585,000 price tag.

But despite its tank-like appearance, the Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 – described as a ‘motor home for global cruises’ – is also built for comfort and comes with 23 sq ft of living space.

The Austria-based firm offers a variety of two, three, and four-axle vehicles. The company’s website says: ‘This luxury all-wheel motorhome captivates by its clear-cut lines, optimum functionality for long stays in off-road terrain and exclusive, homely atmosphere – all this in a motorhome for globe cruises.’

Stephan Wirths, managing director of Action Mobil, said that the company have sold around 300 of the mammoth vehicles so far.

But despite its giant size, the Global XRS 7200 is not the largest vehicle the company have ever sold.

The Desert Challenger – a specially-made model, which weighs 30 tonnes and offers five miles per gallon – was once sold for more than £1million.

Mr Wirths said: ‘People always have a great reaction the first time they see it – I like every single feature on the Global XRS 7200.’

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