This Thing is Actually a Compact Folding Survival Bow [VIDEO]

The Compact Folding Survival Bow, or CFSB-1, is perfect for survivalists, preppers, or anyone looking for an edge during the zombie apocalypse.

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The CFSB-1 from Primal Gear Unlimited is a collapsable longbow designed for survivalists. When setup, the CFSB-1 stretches 59 inches from top to bottom. The bow’s fiberglass glass limbs can collapse into the bow’s riser, forming a compact 23-inch package that can easily fit into a backpack. But that’s not the only reason this bow is a noteworthy piece of gear.

For a collapsable bow, the CFSB-1 has enough power to function as a hunting or self-defense weapon. It’s available with 40-, 50-, or 55-pound draw weight limbs that are interchangeable for left- or right-handed use.

You can see the bow in action in the video below, which features renowned survivalist Dave Canterbury.

There’s nothing cheap or flimsy about the CFSB-1, either. The riser is milled from industrial-grade aluminum that’s used to make airplanes, and the interchangeable limbs are made from fiberglass that’s specifically designed for bows.

All things considered, the bow is fairly easy to setup and takedown. The limbs collapse and unfold into the riser and are locked into place with twist knobs. Seating the string takes minimal effort.



The CFSB-1 isn’t an alternative to your favorite compound hunting bow, but it is an ideal weapon to have for in a survival situation.

Whether you’re trying to stay alive in the bush or in an urban environment, you want to have gear that’s lightweight, durable and compact, and this bow is all of the above. We like it’s utilitarian design and functionality.

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