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How To Open A Can With No Tools

Survival Know How – So here is the situation, the shit has hit the fan! The zombie apocalypses, nuclear attack, civil unrest, take your pick. You are forced to bug out but you didn’t have time to grab your bug out bag! On your travels you come across some cans of mystery meat. Only problem is you don’t have any tools to open it with!

In this video I demonstrate how to open a can of food without using a can opener or any other tools. First you need find some concrete, cement, cobblestone or any other rough surface. You then start grinding the top of the can on that surface. Eventually you will grind the lip of the lid away. The lip is the part the attaches the lid to the rest of the can. After it is gone all you need to do is apply force to the sides of the can and the lid will start to pop off.

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