Survival Scenarios Ep. 1: Stranded Fishermen

What do you think of the decision-making demonstrated by these fishermen who had motor problems with their boat? They had a bit of gear (listed below) and supplemented it with natural materials. What would you have done differently?

Here is what gwynn1975 had to say about the scenario: “Dad, Una, and I went out for a day of fishing and exploring. Motor problems on the canoe forced us to stay the night out on the lake with minimal gear. We didn’t pack anything different than when we would on a regular day out hiking or fishing. We set up a shelter and collected firewood throughout the night. The temperatures got down into the 20’s in the middle of the night.
My packing list:
REI Traverse Pack
Fire kit (matches, jute twine, fatwood)
USGI Canteen w/ cup and lid
PSK (emergency blanket, knife, trip wire, etc)
1 Mtn House meal (spaghetti)
1 Clif bar
Leg gaitors
Dry bag

Dad’s was similar with a bit more, but not much.

Items used from the canoe:
Dry bags (Rain pants, shemagh, knife)
seat cushions
life vests
fishing poles and tackle”

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