Self-Defense and Survival Gun Picks: Shotguns and Rifles

AllOutdoor – In part 1 of this firearms options series, I went through my personal favorite list of handguns for self defense and survival. The fact that I didn’t include a Glock, or <insert favorite gun here> in the list got some people’s nose out of joint, but that’s okay. Those are my own picks, and I stand by them. I’m always open to suggestions, and it’s great to hear from readers with their own ideas.

In that same vein, here are my choices for home defense and survival shotguns and rifles. Some of these will be on anyone’s list of top home defense guns, while others are guns that you may not have considered or even heard about–as with the handgun picks, I tried to include a mix of stand-by’s and surprises. And of course, many of you will have different ideas (*cough* AR and AK *cough*), so drop into the comments section and let us know what they are.

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