My Top 10 Bug Out Vehicles

Survivopedia – There is a lot of information and variety out there as to what preppers specifically need to stock up on, pack, and carry in terms of necessary survival supplies and equipment when ‘bugging out’. But you  won’t find much about the actual physical movement during your actual journey, and specific modes of transportation.

Why? Perhaps most of us take for ‘granted’ that any traveling is usually on four rubber wheels and depending upon how new and luxurious the ride is, that’s about as good as it gets for the big escape from New York.

But our cars are like the horses were to the Old West. You simply don’t do much in life because you can’t really go anywhere without them! This means that while most preppers might be very well organized and supplied, far too many overlook this basic, but very important, necessity in their plans.

Estimates claim that only about 4 to 5% (but steadily growing) of the U.S population is interested in hard prepping, for major disasters or major SHTF scenarios. Like most of everything else in the related schema of emergency survival mobility, the determinate parameters depend upon your indigenous location, your destination habitat, and what you encounter “in-between”. For most people, their expenditure budget is also a major factor in planning for the end result.

Fortunately, there is a small niche of actual vehicles designed and created just for the state of the art purposes of extreme travel survival that you can get ’right off the shelf’ ready to go. And a few out there that simply would naturally work so well that they could have been primarily designed as a survival bug out vehicles (SBOV), even though they are not!

Here are some currently exemplary vehicles and overview that anyone who will be bugging out on anything but their feet could study to help make their own critical choices.

The list does not indicate or determine the actual Number One Best all around vehicle for obvious logic that not one vehicle fits everybody’s needs. Instead we have a loose descending order going from most expensive to the least expensive, that generally represents what most serious minded bug out preppers would likely wind up using or replicating. Check out the following for ’educational purposes’ and check out any websites of these vehicles for foundational details to get you ’started’.

NOTE: All prices in this article are approximate for standard new vehicles. Second hand vehicles are available for some of these models.

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