Survival Defense – 223 vs 308

H/t to Dr. John, AllOutdoor

223 vs 308 – If ever there was a campfire debate among preppers, this is one of the best ones. Like any spirited conversation comparing one firearm caliber against another, there are pros and cons on both sides of the fence. Rarely does anyone really win the debate, because each person has to decide for themselves which tool works best for their particular situation.

Still despite facts being the facts, trying to realistically compare the battle proven .223/5.56 against the venerable .308 Winchester/7.62 is much like throwing out bowls of vanilla and chocolate ice cream to argue which is best. I mean, somebody in the crowd is going to want strawberry. And I really like that toffee ice cream.

So, preppers, survivalists, bug out security teams, and home bound protectionists need to study both rounds to determine which one fits best for which application needed. The debate also needs to consider the overall rifle platforms, rifle brands, styles, accessories, optics, electronic sight options, slings and carry, ammo availability, and cost of ammunition.

Other factors to consider in the platform/cartridge selection are the handling characteristics, rifle weight, shooting ease, compatibility to the shooter(s), compactness, muzzle flash, recoil, and muzzle noise, among other considerations.

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