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Otter Box Water-Proof Survival Kit

This well-done survival kit from EverydayTacticalVids is waterproof and rugged – built for those who like the water. Is there anything you would add?

EverydayTacticalVids– “This kit was built around the idea of offering some basic emergency gear to people who spend a lot of time around the water – canoers, rafters, fisherman, kayakers, etc. I wanted a kit that would stay dry and offer warmth and some other tools after a person, for example, got dumped out of a canoe and lost all their other gear. Here’s a list of everything included:

– Otter Box – Pursuit Series
– Paracord retention with non-weight bearing carabiner
– Mylar blanket
– 35 feet of bankline
– Zip-lock sandwich bag
– Small compass
– Aluminum foil
– Gorilla tape (wrapped around business card)
– Dyer lint
– SOL Signal Mirror
– Thrunite Ti3 flashlight
– Fishing hooks
– White Rooster Tail lure
– ESEE Izula
– Firesteel
– Large Needle
– Small bag of ibuprofen
– Band Aids
– Triple antibiotic ointment
– 3 Potable Aqua tabs
– UCO waterproof matches
– Small birthday candle
– Striker for matches
– Fishing line and leaders
(I will be adding in some food – powdered protein, powdered soup – TBD)”


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