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Making A Celt Stone Axe From Scratch (Including Handle)

“Knapping” is the shaping of stones for use as tools. Arrowheads and knives are commonly knapped or “flint knapped” as some say. The following clip from Primitive Technology demonstrates the construction of a stone tool called a “Celt Stone Axe,” which has a polished head and wooden handle.

Here is what the axe maker, a talented survivalist, says about Celt Stone Axe construction:

“The manufacture of a stone ax including the handle from using only primitive tools and materials. It is a celt (pronounced ‘selt’) a type of ax with a polished stone head wedged into a hole or mortise at the end of a wooden handle. The head took about a week and a day to make as I chose to make it from a particularly large piece of basalt. This involved hammering, pecking, grinding and polishing the head into the final shape. The handle took a day and a morning to make. A chisel was made from stone and a mallet made from a log. These were used to cut the tree for the handle and shape it once down. Fire was used to harden the wood and also to help shape the mortise. The ax was then used to cut down a tree the day after the handle was a tree itself. It is a more efficient tool for felling trees than the hand ax I made and at the time of uploading this video has cut down 4 trees which I will use later.”

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