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How To Use Pool Shock To Purify Water

Most households have a bottle or two of chlorine bleach, which is inexpensive and is effective as a backup water purifier. Did you know that bleach has a shelf life of 6 months to one year? Fortunately, a similar, also inexpensive option is available, and that option is pool shock or calcium hypochlorite. Thanks to Backdoor Survival for this fantastic how-to article on water purification using calcium hypochlorite. Enjoy!

If I were to ask how many of you store liquid bleach along with your other prepping supplies, I am certain that a good percentage of you would raise your hands.  Liquid bleach is a powerful disinfectant and sanitizer but did you know that there is something better?  Something with an almost indefinite shelf life that is inexpensive and takes almost no room to store?

That something is the chemical Calcium Hypochlorite most commonly known as Pool Shock.

I have known about Pool Shock for years but because it is not readily available in my area, I never took the time to search it out so I could stockpile some for my own emergency preps.  That has now changed and today I plan to show you how to use Pool Shock the easy way, step by step.

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