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How To Make A Solar Cooking Jar

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If you are a lone wolf or have a limited budget and a solar oven is to expensive or to bulky for a bug out, then I have a simple small solution that’s easy to make and easy to carry. THE SOLAR COOKING JAR.

This is so easy to make a child could do this…. Cooks well and cooks a meal for 1 quick! I have used mine so many times I think of this as the norm when I go camping.

Seems silly or far fetched but this actually works and works well. If you have time and the resources to do it, I would recommend trying different recipes in the jar so you know wheat else it can cook.

Split Pea Soup Recipe:

1 c. split
½ c. diced potatoes
2 T. small cut up onion (1 T. dry)
1 bullion cube (1 t. powder)
2 dashes of pepper
Put peas, potatoes, onion and bullion in your black painted jar. Fill jar with water to 1-inch below the neckline of the jar. Screw on lid and ring. (Oil the rubber seal of the lid so it doesn’t seal!) It cooks up in about 4 hours, but time will vary with conditions and solar ovens. Watch the soup for a smooth consistency. Enjoy!

How To Make A Solar Cooking Jar


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