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Best DIY Cook Kit for Hiking & Wilderness Camping

This elaborate Improvised Cook Kit is comprised of multiple components that can be mixed, matched, and altered based on the needs of the moment. Links for each DIY component can be found below. This just may be the Best DIY Cook Kit we have seen!

EconoChallenge -Amazing Wold Famous Cook Kit Update

The Econo Challenge goes on a test hike to review the many new features of the original World Famous Cook Kit by Bushman of Yukon. This kit uses the World Famous Stainless Steel Mountain Mug as a cooking pot and our Wood Pellet Hobo Stove. This is a powerful ultra-lite kit you can build yourself out of recycled materials. We think this is the best backpacking cook kit ever inspired by YouTube! Give us thumbs-up if you agree. We look forward to your comments.

New Video on the updated Cook Kit 2013:

Weight: 540 g / 19 oz
Fuel: Wood, Alcohol, Amazing Cotton Balls or Hexamine fuel tablets

To see the first build of this kit:…

To see more of our Wood Pellet Hobo Stove click:

To see how to build an Amazing Wilderness Camp / Hammock Chair (Bushcraft Chair):…

You will enjoy this video series if you hike, backpack, paddle, peddle, kayak, wilderness camp, practice bushcraft or love putting them all together!

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