X Caliber Survival Firearm Field Test

X Caliber provides “10 guns for the price of one!” .22LR / 38 special / .357 / 9mm / 45 acp / 45LC / .410 shotgun / 12 ga. shotgun / .40 cal / .44 mag/ 20ga. shotgun

A great concept – I recommend testing each round after purpose for accuracy and reliability in your particular gun. Find out which works best for your intended purpose.


– Firing the X Caliber shotgun gauge adapter system at a set
distance of 25 ft within a controlled / neutral environment.

– Platform used: H&R Single Shot 12 Gauge Shotgun with “red
dot” scope.

– Ammunition discharged in this demo: .22/9mm/38spc/.410/.223/
7.62×39/.308/45 acp

*** PLEASE CHECK IN AT GEARUPCENTER.COM for changes and upgrades to the X Caliber System gauge lineup.***

X Caliber is the most versatile Gauge Adapter system in the world. It allows you to shoot 11 different caliber rounds from one shooting platform: a single-shot 12 gauge shotgun. Each X Caliber adapter is made from 7 inches of 4140 chromoly steel. Each adapter is also rifled to increase accuracy.

The calibers of ammunition that the full X Caliber survival system currently includes: .22LR / 38 special / .357 / 9mm / 45 acp / 45LC / .410 shotgun / 12 ga. shotgun / .40 cal / .44 mag/ 20ga. shotgun.

X TRAS: The adapters are easily stored in a heavy duty canvas case complete with molle-compatible straps on the backside for easy mounting on your bug out pack. The X Caliber truly gives you options. You choose the right caliber for the task at hand. The X Caliber equals ten guns for the price of one, saving you money, and reducing weight in your pack. X Caliber gives you ten guns for the price of one, and the survival value…is priceless.


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