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Emergency Fishing Kit (For Survival, Backpacking, EDC, Bug Out Bag)

Check out this small, effective Fishing Kit from IntenseAngler.

Stored in a 3×5 inch Ziplock pouch, this little kit packs quite a punch for it’s size… and while weighing in at 1.1 ounces, it’s a sensible option for adding to your backpacking gear. It’s fish catching capabilities also make it an excellent addition to a “bug out bag” or EDC (every day carry), as well as small to mid-size survival kits.

Contents include:

– Mono-filament line (6lb test)
– Split-shot weights
– Assorted hooks (size 6-10)
– Snap swivels
– Screw-in eyelets
– Assorted small plastic baits (tubes & curly-tail grubs)
– Spinner blade with clevis
– Flies (dries & nymphs)
– Small pouch of Powerbait
– Tinfoil
– Length of nylon string

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