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Cornell University – The Top 5 Foods To Store

FoxNewsMagazine – God forbid we should ever have to use a doomsday shelter. But if we did, we’d like it to be stocked to the brim with all of the tasty foods we’ve grown accustomed to in our everyday, non-doomsday lives.

But alas, there’s only going to be so much room in our backyard bunkers, and a finite amount of space for our Twinkies, grilled cheese sandwiches and Nutella. Also, many of our favorite foods are probably prone to spoilage or bacteria when stored for long periods of time, so we’ll have to make smart decisions as to what we can and can’t store in our pantries.

For expert suggestions on what to stock, we contacted Dr. Carl Batt at Cornell University’s Department of Food Science. As an expert in food microbiology, Batt listed his top five picks for bunker-friendly foods based on factors, such as moisture content, nutritional value and general crave-ability.

Here’s what he recommends:

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