What Is The Best Survival Flashlight Of 2015?

What To Look For in the Best Survival Flashlight? – Survival flashlights are just as the name suggests, they are something that can be essential to your survival. In fact, they are an essential part of any survival kit. However, when putting together your survival kit you don’t want to use just any old flashlight you have lying around the house; you want to include the best survival flashlight around. So, how do you know what the best one is? When it comes to looking for the best survival flashlight there are multiple things that you need to consider.

Accessories are one of the first things to consider, without them, all you have is just a plain old flashlight. As you start to look closer at all of the choices you have, you will start to notice the better ones come with more than just a bright light or a long lasting battery. Many survivor flashlights come with different colored lenses, such as green, red, and blue. Each of these colored lenses are used for a different purpose. Diffusers, which create a soft ambient light from the extra bright light, are also something to look for. Other accessories that you might want to keep your eye out for include weapon mounts, extra o-rings, holsters, a remote pressure switch, strike bezel, and among many others. Other things you need to consider are battery options and how many modes the model offers. After all, if the flashlight you are looking at for your survival kit only offers one mode, it isn’t going to be one of the better survivor lights.

Rechargeable or Primary Batteries?

One of the biggest debates you will run across when it comes to survivor lights is what batteries to use in them. Survivalists everywhere have strong opinions on whether or not rechargeable or primary batteries are better. When it comes to primary batteries, most survivalists agree that you need to stay away from the alkaline batteries. Sure alkaline batteries are easy to find, you can pick some up in just about any store or gas station out there. However, these batteries also have a rather short shelf life, on average they last about 5 years before they start losing power. Another problem with primary alkaline batteries is they have a tendency to leak. Most dedicated survivalists who rely upon primary batteries find the primary lithium batteries to be the best choice, as they offer more power and a longer shelf life. After all, lithium batteries have been proven to hold at least 90% of their charge for longer than 5 years.

Many survivalists feel that when it comes to batteries rechargeable batteries are the way to go. Rechargeable batteries pose fewer problems than primary batteries. With rechargeable batteries you have the choice between Li-Ion, and Ni-MH. Most survivalists prefer the Li-Ion rechargeable batteries because of their longer shelf life. While not quite as popular as Li-Ion batteries, more survivalists are starting to use Ni-MH. One of the advantages to Ni-MH is they are available in the same sizes and similar voltage as alkaline batteries, which means they can be used in the same flashlights as alkaline batteries.

Ways To Use A Survival Flashlight

Now that we know what a survival flashlight is, the next question that needs to be answered is what is it used for. Honestly, a survival flashlight can be used for a variety of things. One of the most common things it is used for is providing light in an emergency situation. Whether you have broke down on the side of the road or the power goes out inside your home, your survival light is the perfect way to provide the light that you need. With the right accessories, you can have your choice between bright light and soft ambient light. Different colored filters can also be used for different types of light. Blue filters provide the best light for reading maps at night, red filters preventing the destruction of your night vision, and green filters are ideal for hunting at night.

Survival flashlights can also be used for self-defense in the form of a billy club. Even people who carry around other means of protection, such as a firearm or pepper spray, find survival lights to be useful as they can deliver a powerful blow to both humans and animals during the course of an attack. The best survival flashlights come with strobe patterns built in that can be used for signaling purposes. Whether you are trying to flag down a search party during an emergency, another vehicle, or just members on your hiking party the strobe patterns do all the work for you. Before moving on to the top survival flashlight remember that the flashlight that you have on you is the best flashlight, so please check out our article on keychain flashlights that are super small and easy to carry.

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