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DIY Fire Starter Trick

LazySurvivalist – We wanted to share a post about our little trick for creating useful fire starters.  These fire starters are portable, compact, and use recycled materials right from your home.  First you will need to collect the following: A stapler, card board tubes from toilet paper rolls or paper towels.  Next collect as much dryer lent as you can find.  Finally, you will need either Vaseline or some similar product.  Another option is to use leftover fat from your daily cooking, bacon grease works great.   I personally use Vaseline for my fire starters as it is easier.

Step one:  Take the recycled toilet paper roll and cut it in half. This gives you about a 2.5” to 3” cylinder.

Step two: Next fold one side of the toilet paper roll flat and staple the ends.

2 TP Rolls

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