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5 Little-Known Uses of Parachute

Get to the ground safely – a parachute’s top priority. Once on the ground, parachute becomes a multi-use item. Below are 5 uses of parachute you may not have considered.

  1.  Parachute Hammock – I slept one of these for a week or so in a sub-tropical environment. The stabilizer poles make this hammock surprisingly comfortable, and of course, it kept me off of the ground, away from moisture and creepy-crawlies.Parchute Hammock
  2. Parachute Smoker – An improvised tripod (steel or wood,) green wood chips, a grill (or wire,) and a fire can be configured with sections of parachute to make a smoker. The jerky is awesome! Smoker0218131349 0218131415a 0218131415
  3. Parachute Water Filter – 3-tiered, simple and effective for removing bad odors and tastes of water that will be boiled or run through a purification device.Water Filter
  4. Parachute Water Machine – My military survival training crew used one of these in the cold for two weeks and processed gallons of drinking water by melting snow. Towards the end of the training segment, we were disciplined (can’t remember why) and our Water Machine was taken down. After walking down the mountain several times a day to get water from the creek, we learned to appreciate the awesome Parachute Water Machine.Water Machine
  5. Parachute Survival Scrubby – Fill a small section of parachute with sand or dirt and scrub away! I have seen cook kits that sat in a fire overnight scrubbed completely clean using this technique.IMG_0861

These 5 uses are tried-and-true, practical, and fun. Give them a try!

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