The Best Backpacking Water Filter and Treatment Systems

Outdoor Gear Lab tested 17 backpacking water filter systems in this thorough review. As the military says, “two is one, one is none,” so which two (or more) portable water purification systems will you add to your arsenal?

What is the best water treatment system for backpackers and campers? To find out, we took 17 of the best backpacking water filter systems and compared them in detailed head-to-head tests in this extensive review. The results shocked us: both the Best Buy winner and Editors’ Choice are not traditional pump systems! Our conclusion: water treatment has come a long way in the last decade, and there is no one backpacking water filter system that is best for every application. However, there are some very fantastic and versatile options out there. Read on to see what is best for your outdoor adventures.

Please also reference our buying advice article for more explicit details on the effectiveness of various systems and the possible threats that could be waiting in your water.

Here is the Comparison Chart and Full Description

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