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When resources are organized, they are easier to employ. Those who are just starting out in survival may not know what resources are most important or how to begin acquiring and organizing them. A common saying is, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Survivalblog’s Quick Start Guide for Preparedness Newbies is a helpful, thorough page worthy of a bookmark. Start by downloading the free List of Lists. This is one of the most comprehensive spreadsheets available and will help your organization. In time, you can personalize your lists. As Survivalblog says: “It is important to tailor your lists to suit your particular geography, climate, and population density as well as your peculiar needs and likes/dislikes. Someone setting up a retreat in a coastal area is likely to have a far different list than someone living in the Rockies.”

Below is the “Contents Page” from the excel List of Lists. These are hyperlinked in the downloadable spreadsheet and will help you in your process. You will find that you already have many of the necessary items and, once organized, the overall task will not seem as daunting.

List of Lists
Barter and Charity List
Book List
Communications/Monitoring List
Farm Animals List
Financial Preparations List
Firearms List
Firefighting List
First Aid /Minor Surgery List
Food Preparation List
Food Storage List
Fuels & Petroleums List
Gardening List
Home Businesses List
Home Info List
Household, Shop, Sundries List
Hunting/Fishing/Trapping List
Hygiene List/Sanitation List
Medicinal Herbs and Plants List
Personal List
Power Light Heat Batteries List
Ruck Sack Bug Out Bag List
Security General List
Shortwave Frequencies List
Tactical Living List
Tools List
Training Courses List
Vehicle Bug Out Bag List
Water List
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Rule of threes: 

You can live 3 minutes w/o oxygen, 3 days w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food

You’re on your own.
Basic stuff first: the Five Bs are building, bullets, beans, bacon, and buckshot
Morman Four: Wheat, Honey, Powdered Milk, Salt

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