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Emergency Preparedness with Essential Oils

Recently, while out of town, my son developed a harsh cough. He was sleeping well with no fever, though I considered taking him to a Doctor. A friend in the area recommended an interesting combination: Peppermint oil (diluted in lemon juice) to be rubbed on the bottoms of his feet, and; Lemon Oil (also diluted in lemon juice) to be rubbed on his chest and neck. The results were immediate and sustainable! After applying these remedies before bed, he would not cough at all for 6-8 hours.

I have now added Essential Oils to my home survival kit and I recommend that you do the same. This recent article can help you to get started. Also available for download is the helpful PDF Handout from The Preparedness Podcast. I saved a copy for my family’s future reference.

Do you use Essential Oils?


To download the full PDF handout click here

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