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Canned Survival Food! Beans – Bread – Butter – Cheese

There are four, long-lasting canned goods that can greatly improve a pantry – beans, bread, butter, and cheese. Canned beans, of course, are common. Perhaps bread, butter and cheese are lesser known, but they are certainly worth having. Note: Rice, stored in mylar and buckets, is an assumed item in the storage pantry being suggested here.

  1. Beans – Most homes already have cans of beans. For a food storage pantry, it is recommended to have a variety of beans (pintos, black beans, light red, etc…) I prefer Chili Beans from the Dollar Store as they seem to improve the taste of everything.
  2. Bread – I remember my grandparents often served B&M Brown Bread with cream cheese, and while the taste was different that ordinary bread from a bakery, everyone always enjoyed the brown bread. B&M Canned Brown Bread has a shelf-life of several years, making it a great choice for a rainy day. The bread is a bit sweet and heavy, which is desirable in a “survival food.”
  3. Butter – Red Feather Pure Canned Butter is listed as shelf-stable for 10 years. It tastes good and can act as a basic “fat” ingredient in place of normal, refrigerated butter.
  4. Cheese – Much like canned bread and canned butter, most people do not think of buying cheese in a can. Bega Canned Cheese has a listed shelf-life of 15+ years, and will do well during times of power outage or emergency.

Given a can-opener, a bag of rice, clean water, and a rocket stove, a family can be well-fed for some time using these canned goods. They are relatively inexpensive and can be stored for some time with little worry. Why not add them to your food storage plan?

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