Book Trailer – The Survival Template

The Survival Template by John A. Heatherly

Available at Amazon and in the iTunes Store

“I don’t throw the term ‘life changing’ around lightly but this book has very likely altered the way I think, the way I plan and the way I see my future as I’ve laid it out.” –

“Don’t be fooled by the title. This book is just as relevant in daily life as it is in survival scenarios.” – In The Rabbit Hole

“… aptly titled, it’s a template to train your mind, and I strongly recommend it.” – Dan Wolfe

“We need more books on the psychological aspect of survival, and ‘The Survival Template’ will make a good addition to your survival and prepper library!”
– SurvivalBookReviews

“I highly recommend this book. It truly is a template for survival. Everyone would benefit from reading this book and implementing Heatherly’s ideas into their lives.” – SurvivalBlog

A unique survival guide… THE SURVIVAL TEMPLATE encapsulates a singular survivor’s mentality into a model that can be duplicated and personalized. The product of years of practical study of wilderness survivors, political captives, Prisoners of War, and more… This book is a force multiplier.

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