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A Sea of Sorrel

originally posted this article almost a year ago when roadside sorrel was abundant. With Spring on the way this year, the sorrel is starting to reappear again, prompting me to share about this great plant again. 



Spring is here in Florida and I am amazed at the amount of sorrel growing along the highways.  There is far more sorrel than a single survivor could forage!


If you have never tasted sorrel, you will find that it is sour but not unpleasant.  I think of it as snack food for the trail – kind of a wild edible that you munch on while walking or working.  It contains Vitamin C and should be eaten in small portions, as large quantities can block the body’s absorption of calcium.  Sorrel is great in salads and can add a spicy/sour flavor to soups.  It can also be steeped into a tea that is good with honey.

Has anyone used sorrel in recipes?

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