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A DIY Bean Sprout Kit from the Dollar Store

I have never been a “bean sprout kind of guy,” though I am a believer in both canned and dry goods, beans included, as parts of a food storage pantry. Many in the survival crowd recommend bean sprouts, as they can provide nutrients beyond that of canned beans, especially if paired with rice and other foods.

Rather than order a bean sprout kit online, I chose to try out a DIY method using burger trays from the Dollar Store. The experiment was a success, with some lessons learned.

  1. First, I purchased these four trays for less than $2.Dollar Store Trays
  2. Next, I added a layer of beans, trying to allow room for each bean to breath. In this first experiment, I added a layer of beans that was entirely too thick and will use multiple trays, with less beans, next time.IMG_0744
  3. I rinsed the trays with water 2-3 times per day, and needed to be careful avoid the smaller black beans spilling through the holes. These trays would not be a good choice for smaller bean sprouts, like lentils, but are fine for larger black or read beans. The sprouts grew, and I could have gotten more sprouts if I had used additional trays, as mentioned above, and drilled small holes in the base of each tray. Next time, I will do so to allow for more air and water flow. If doing this on a regular basis, I would set up multiple trays for a 4-6 day rotation of sprouts.Sprouts

Beans sprouts are a valuable option for a food storage pantry, especially given the long shelf life of dry beans. Mine will be more plentiful next time, though this experiment was a success.

Do any of you sprout beans using similar methods?

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