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3 So-Called “Invasive” Plants You Should Have In Your Garden

Small Investment, Big Payoff!

These three plants are known to “take over” a garden, but with proper planning, can provide a sustainable annual harvest that is healthy and great-tasting!

  1. Jerusalem Artichokes, or Sunchokes – These tubers are native to North America, and were planted along thoroughfares to provide trail-side sustenance. These plants grow from 8 to 15 feet tall and produce large quantities of tubers. Jerusalem Artichokes can be a bit expensive when first purchasing them for your garden, but this is likely to be a single expenditure. Check out this article from TheSurvivalMom to learn more.Jerusalem Artichokes
  2. Walking Onions or Topsetters – These onions are unique, in that they grow a bulb on the top of a stalk, then fall over, or “walk,” across your garden. I plant them in containers and enjoy the greens all year around. The bulbs are delicious, as well, and this plant is as rugged as they come. For more information, read Walking Onions Invaded My Bugout!Walking Onions
  3. Mint – There are many varieties of mint, with numerous edible and medicinal uses. It is known to be “invasive,” but this can be used to your advantage. Use mint as syrup, tea, pest control, and more. Please read 10 Ways to Use Your Invasive Mint for more information.Mint

What “invasive” plants have you used to your own survival advantage?

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