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Video – The Miracle of Baling Twine (and Other Cordage!)

Cordage, or line, is one of the most basic and valued survival tools ever improvised. Parachute cord, aka 550 cord, is popular with the survival crowd. Baling twine is valuable as well, as this article from Rural Revolution states. Every home, homestead, car, backpack, or bug out bag should have a healthy supply of multi-purpose cordage.

Anyone who’s ever had hay bales on their property understands the wonders of baling twine as a universal fix-it tool on par with duct tape. I can’t even begin to list the sheer numbers of things we’ve patched, fixed, or held together with the stuff.

So when readers Mike and Amy sent me the following, I laughed out loud and agreed.

“Put that baler twine back in your pocket, Son. This fence is beyond fixin’.”

-Said no farmer, ever

This got me thinking: what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever fixed with baling twine? (When I asked Don to answer this, he thought for awhile and finally said, “I don’t know. We fix everything with baling twine.”)

Truth. This video tutorial on basic knots will make your use of cordage much more effective and efficient.

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