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Two Medical Kit Must-Haves From the Battlefront

“Every major conflict throughout history produces a medical miracle.  This conflict’s miracle is QuikClot.”
 -Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN (embedded with the U.S. Marines 2003)
Positive elements can be discovered in any situation, military action included. Two such examples from recent activity are Quikclot (especially Quikclot Combat Gauze) and Water-Jel Burn Jel.
Quikclot Combat Gauze is packaged as a 4-yard roll and impregnated with a hemostatic agent for the control of bleeding.  The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care recommends Combat Gauze as a first-line hemostatic agent. In an emergency, Combat Gauze can be immediately applied and secured to a wound, stopping arterial and veinous bleeding in seconds. A novice user can simply pack an open wound with the gauze and apply pressure. Quikclot Combat Gauze can be purchased on Amazon, and is understandably more expensive than conventional gauze.  I recommend adding a few packages to a normal gauze collection in home, car, and backpack kits.

Another great product used by the military is Water-Jel Burn Jel.  This fabulous burn treatment is water-based and rapidly transfers heat away from the affected area. It is offered with a lidocaine additive for pain relief.

 Also offered at Amazon and other places, Water-Jel products are less expensive that Quikclot, and as many in the military might say, are “no-brainer” additions to a first-aid kit.
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By John A. Heatherly, Author of The Survival Template and The Cave and The Sea, A Novel

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