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Simple, Off-Grid Cast Iron Recipe

This simple recipe came together as I was trying to use up some leftovers and enjoy the nice weather. The result was a delicious meal that could have easily been assembled using stored foods. This closely resembles what I would have done during a power outage and I am sharing to show how easy (and fun) this kind of cooking can be for those who are new to survival.

In this scenario, cast iron is invaluable. The ingredients: a can of red beans (with a “Best Used By” date of 2016;) a slice of bacon; an onion; leftover pulled pork; and some frozen brats. The bacon, pork, and brats all could have come from either the freezer or from canned meats. My family loves canned chicken from Walmart or Sam’s Club, and canned bacon and sausages are readily available for purchase these days.

Once the charcoal was ready in my Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill, I added the bacon and onion to a small cast iron pot, also made by Lodge. As you can see in the pictures, the beans and brats did just fine over charcoal. I could have also used firewood for cooking had charcoal been unavailable. Alternatively, I could have cooked this meal in a Dutch Oven, as pictured below.

Dutch Oven and Grill

Once a home or homestead’s survival arsenal includes cast iron, multiple options for grid-down meals are possible. See “A Legendary Dutch Oven Combination” for similar ideas.

The finished product was fantastic! What does your family eat during power outages?

Pork, beans, and brats



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