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Making a Family Preparedness Household Notebook

Recently we have come across a number of recommendations for the creation of a binder or notebook for family preparedness. H/t to Survivallife for this explanation from James Stevens.

Equally important as having water, food, clothing, and some money stored for present and future use is is the need to have a copy of your family’s financial matters documented and located in one place for instant access. Take the time now to organize your family’s papers and records—it may well be the second best investment you can make in your family preparedness activities. The ability to prove ownership of your bank account(s), safety deposit box, and business, brokerage, and/or investment accounts may be necessary after a natural disaster or other calamity destroys the bank, credit union, brokerage or other financial records. Also, since having proof of ownership will allow you to maintain your real property rights, provide qualification for your earned benefits, or provide continuing rights to the use of or provide continuing rights to the use of physical property, it is well worth the effort it takes to amass the information and organize it so it’s readily available.

It is most important that all members of the family know where the family’s personal records, documentation of ownership, and other financial papers and records are kept. They must also know to whom to turn for advice in case the primary responsible individual becomes incapable of directing family activities. Planning ahead by having these forms and papers readily available can save a great deal of agony, anguish, time, and money––especially when an emergency or other unpleasantness causes debility, disablement, or death in the family. Keep the originals of all your family’s important forms in a safe deposit box at the bank or in another secure, private, accessible, safe place away from your home.

The following article details how you can establish a system for safeguarding your family’s personal and financial information. This information may be invaluable to prove your ownership, provide access to earned benefits––and maybe even protect your life! This is an exercise of prudence, practicality, and providence!

The Family Preparedness Household Notebook

Make up a Family Preparedness Household Notebook to collect and maintain your family’s critical information in a single volume. This notebook provides a designated place to keep copies of important and updated records. It’s available on short notice to be carried with the family in the event of an emergency. Make certain each responsible family member knows where it’s kept, and that it’s a most important item to retrieve on a moment’s notice!

Prepare a safe place to keep this Notebook with its documents and papers. This Notebook will help you keep all your updated records in one place. Use top-loading plastic sheet protectors for the documents, with index dividers to identify the categories. Insert sheets of data and documents in a well-organized loose-leaf notebook, so extra pages can be added as needed. Revise all information as needed to keep your data current.

Supplies for the Family Preparedness Household Notebook are available in office supply stores. The cost should not exceed $10 to $20, depending on the amount of supplies and quality of materials selected, and should include these items and accessories:

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