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Lifestraw – 1,000 litres of Water for Less than $20

The two primary advantages of the LifeStraw are clearly: size and cost. The device is nine inches long and weighs two ounces and can easily fit in a cargo pocket or be worn around the neck. At a cost of just under $20, one could purchase a LifeStraw for each of their cars, their backpack, etc…

Ideally, I like to use my LifeStraw with a container, such as a canteen cup or water bottle (of course, the container becomes contaminated with dirty water. Just something to remember!) It is reassuring to note that a container is not necessary, however, as the LifeStraw can be placed directly into a water source, such as a puddle, during use. A survivor need only blow through the device after drinking to remove any particles from the filter then press on.


Vestergaard, the manufacturer of LifeStraw, donates a portion of the profits from each sale to develop clean water sources in developing countries. Anyone who has gone thirsty for a period of time will appreciate their giving efforts and more information can be found at http://www.buylifestraw.com/the-cause.

LifeStraw is a quality product at a reasonable cost. $20 will seem like nothing if thirsty and in need of a means to obtain clean drinking water!


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