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Downloadable, Printable Survival Resources

Hard-copy, paper resources are important, as internet access is not always guaranteed. A library of survival books is also valuable and should include a personalized “household readiness binder.” TheSurvivalMom put together this list of “Survival and Prepper Downloads and Printables” to get the process started. Do you have your plans and resources documented in a binder?

All Around Preparedness

21 Things to Look For at Every Garage Sale & Thrift Store

Grab-n-Go Binder

How Prepared Are You?

New to Precious Metals?

Quick Start Guide to Getting Prepared

Safe Plastics for Storage

Survival Mom’s Master List of Practical Skills

Survival Priorities Matrix (chart)

Using Pool Shock as a Water Purifier


Emergency Preparedness

Basic Fire Safety

Costco TEOTWAWKI Shopping Guide

Emergency Exits

The Everyday Emergency Kit (Bug Out Bag)

Handy N-Cook Foods

Last-Minute Packing List

NEW! Neighborhood Disaster Supply & Equipment List

Pet Emergency Kit Checklist

Pocket First Aid Kit

Prep your Vehicle for an Emergency

Survival Moms on the Go

Vehicle Emergency Kit Check-List

Vehicle Emergency Kit 2



48 Skills Kids Should Know (checklist)

Camping Survival Kits list

Survival Kid’s Every Day Carry Kit

Tylenol & Advil dosages for kids

Wilderness Survival Kit for Every Kid


Family Preparedness Plan

(These worksheets are from Survival Mom, the book.)

Financial Survival

Home Base

Home and Personal Security

Preparedness on the Go

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