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Concealed Carry Tactics: The Class Every CHL Holder Should Attend

Real perspective on the value of training for both new and experienced Concealed Carry License holders. Read on! -SurvivalNation

by Tami Jackson

As my Southwest Airlines flight taxied to the gate in sunny Phoenix, mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation dueled in my head.

By now, more and more in the shooting and military communities recognize my name as the gal responsible for ROBAR Guns content, social media and marketing.

And this trip had three-fold purposes: I would speak about “Winning the Media War” at a Tea Party event; I would visit the ROBAR shop again; AND I would attend the Trident Concepts‘ Concealed Carry Tactics class.

I was equal parts elated and nervous about the CC class. Like many folks in the shooting, civilian community, I had learned to shoot initially from NRA certified instructors, had attended an NRA Basic Pistol class and passed both the written and shooting tests with flying colors.

I knew I could go to a range, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and, at my leisure throw some lead down range in a somewhat accurate group at closer distances.

But none of that prepared me for low-profile concealed carry, and concealed carry was the primary reason I learned to shoot.

As a relatively small woman (5’2″ and a buck 25) who lives alone, I wanted to take ownership of my own self protection and any innocents around me. I wanted to be a sheepdog.

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