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Alaska Grow Bucket DIY Guide

This Alaska Grow Bucket design is free to be downloaded and shared, and is a type of Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP.) Plants thrive in these planters as they are able to “wick” the water they need from a reservoir in the base of the planter. I have had tremendous success using buckets as part of a container garden and recommend that those interested start gathering materials now as Spring is on the way!

About: There are many sub irrigated planter (SIP) designs available – many use 2 buckets and are complicated and very tedious to build. The improved Alaska Grow Bucket needs only 1 bucket, a plastic kitchen colander, and a fabric shopping bag. Construction is easy and takes just a few minutes. I believe the Alaska Grow Buckets are the easiest self-watering planters anybody can make to grow their own food.

The Alaska Grow Bucket DIY Guide can be viewed and downloaded here. Let us know how yours turn out!


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