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A Rocket Stove Breakfast

Thanks to TheSurvivalMom for her support over the years and for helping me to put together projects like the Rocket Stove Breakfast described below.

Last weekend I had the urge to try a new project and wanted it to be one that was inexpensive and simple. Having seen Leon’s Brick Rocket Stove over at SurvivalCommonsense a while back, I decided that my back yard needed one.  One trip to the hardware store and about $20 later, here is what happened:

Using Leon’s instructions, the 16-brick stove was easily constructed.  I chose to add a Dutch Oven lid stand so that I could cook breakfast for my little boy.  The stove surprised me by producing a large amount of heat using tiny pieces of fuel!


Mom’s small, seasoned cast iron skillet was a perfect fit for the amount of food I had in mind, and it quickly heated up.



With only a few handfulls of twigs and small branches, we had enough heat for bacon AND eggs!


We had so much fun with this little stove that we are now making a list of other simple things to try: coffee, hot chocolate, chili, etc… My son loves this, and we strongly recommend it for a family weekend project that is easy on the wallet and will last for a long time!

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