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5 Reasons to Add Pitch Wood to Your Survival Kit

For many backpackers who like to minimize weight and space in their ruck, the addition of a small piece of Pitch Wood may seem inefficient. The unfortunate backpacker who happens to fall in an icy creek, however, will appreciate the fast availability of pitch wood that has been stowed away for just such an occasion!

Here’s what makes pitch wood worth the weight:

1) Pitch wood shavings make a fast-lighting tinder, even in damp environments.

2) Small pieces of pitch can be split into small and medium sized kindling to speed fire-starting.

3) A chunk of pitch wood does not have to be stored in a waterproof container as it can be split to expose its dry exterior when building a fire in wet conditions.

4) A person who needs to build a fire in a hurry can conserve energy by using carried pitch rather than scurrying through the woods to procure tinder and kindling.

5) It can be harvested from pine stumps or low branches, cost-free!


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If circumstances require the quick construction of a fire, a piece of pitch from the rucksack can be a lifesaver.

Here’s a video that demonstrates a few basics of collecting, processing, and igniting pitch wood. Enjoy!





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