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Use Zip Ties In These 10 Situations

Zip ties are handy little tools that can be used in pretty much any situation. In a way, they are kind of like duct tape in that the possible uses are infinite. Their strength and holding power are impressive, even in the smaller sizes.

Originally called cable ties, the modern zip tie is made out of plastic. Original cable ties were used to, you guessed it, tie bundles of cables together.


According to Wikipedia, the first patent for these ties was in 1958 by an electrical company for use in airplane wire harnesses. Since then, the applications these simple tools have been applied to are as limitless as our imagination.

When it comes to survival situations, zip ties should be included in every plan and in at least one person’s pack. Here are 10 uses for zip ties in a survival situation.

  1. Keep items tightly packed so they use less space
  2. Make snares
  3. Make handcuffs, in a pinch
  4. Emergency shelter building with a tarp or tent
  5. Repair backpacks, straps, tents
  6. Use for clothing repair or keeping clothes on (as zippers, belts, etc). Also, close pant legs around the ankles to protect against ticks and mosquitoes.
  7. Hold a splint in place or a makeshift sling
  8. Attach items to packs, bags, or shelters
  9. Tourniquet


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