Review: Columbia Sportswear Men’s Loch Lomond Omni-Dry® Waterproof Jacket

My last two waterproof shells were not good long-term investments. Both were from popular and otherwise reputable brands. Both were sold as technical outdoor shells. Both cost a lot. One leaked at the seams right from the start. Not sure what the problem was exactly – the seams looked good and were taped. Darn thing leaked like a sieve in even moderately wet conditions. My second choice didn’t leak, but it didn’t fit or adjust well. If I ever found myself in wet and windy conditions, the hood would catch and partly blow off. Even when synched down, the rest of it tended to flap around more than I liked. And for a shell, oddly enough, it was heavy.

The time was right to try something new so I researched the options. The Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket caught my eye. Lightweight, bombproof construction, all the features I’d look for in a technical shell. A product for the serious alpinist. I haven’t had a chance to test it as of yet, but it looks promising.

However, I noticed another contender that, feature for feature, I believed might stand up under the most rigorous conditions. The Loch Lomond Omni-Dry® shell from Columbia Sportswear is a wind-proof/water-proof breathable shell for: Hiking, backpacking, alpine climbing, skiing, or anywhere else a trim fitting, adjustable, breathable, extremely waterproof shell is needed.

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