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Four Reasons to add Natural Salt to your Survival Kit


Natural, unrefined salt can be a difference maker in a survival kit, and here’s why:


  • Natural salts contain trace minerals that nourish the body. Refined salts are chemically treated, and are more difficult for the body to process. Natural salts, like Himalayan Salts or Celtic Sea Salts, provide the body with elements that promote survival.


  • Consumption helps prevent salt depletion. When exercising, the body can lose salt through natural processes, like sweating. Under extreme conditions, salt depletion can be deadly.


  • When mixed with water, natural salts promote balanced hydration. Water delivers the elements of natural salts to the cells of the body, promoting better performance. A pinch of natural salt in a quart of drinking water is enough to help (no need to over-do it.) Again, refined salts are less helpful, as they require more water, and more work, from the body to be absorbed.


  • Natural salts taste good, and when mixed in water, can curb thoughts of hunger.


As many of you know, the body can operate for prolonged periods of time with little food. The lack of water, and the depletion of naturally occurring sodium, however, can cause more immediate problems. A small container of Himalayan or unrefined sea salt takes up little space but provides a large impact when conditions become extreme.

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