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Canned Hormel Products for Long-term Storage

Many who are interested in survival utilize canned goods. They last a long time. They are easy to transport. In most cases they can be eaten cold. Have you considered the addition of canned Hormel products to your pantry?

A look at the FAQ’s on the Hormel Foods Corporate site,, reveals the following:

“What is the shelf life of a Hormel Foods product in an unopened can?

The product is always safe to consume as long as the seal has remained intact, unbroken and securely attached. However, the flavor and freshness of the product gradually begin to decline after three years from the manufacturing date.”

“Do you have shelf-stable products available for an emergency preparedness kit?

Yes. Our line of shelf-stable canned and microwaveable items are fully cooked and can be eaten cold. They make a perfect addition to your emergency kit.”

It advisable to check the canned goods aisle frequently, as Hormel products are often on sale, with the prices being as low as $.99 per can! As mentioned, most times these items can be eaten cold, or during an emergency, can be heated directly on a grill or fire (using the open can as a cooking implement.) Be advised – placing a can on an open flame carries some risks. For example, metals from the can could leach into the food. If possible, cook canned goods in a separate container. Again, during an emergency, the occasional canned-cooked meal should be fine.


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Lastly, many canned Hormel products pair well with another common food storage staple – rice. When cold, tired, and hungry, Hormel Chili combined with rice tastes pretty good!

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